Temporal Causality Loop

It’s not that I necessarily yet enjoy the arguably crass humor of Seth MacFarlane’s animated sit-com “The Family Guy”, but rather that I appreciate the occasional learning which takes place in the context thereof. The same is true of MacFarlane’s “American Dad”, though it appeals more to my political sensibility than the former. I admit I’m uncertain, however it doesn’t occur to me momentarily that I find quite the same quality of either in “The Cleveland Show”, MacFarlane’s most recent production, yet I enjoy it as possibly his most effectively humorous success.

Why title this entry, Temporal Causality Loop?

As of this date, the latest broadcast presentation of “The Family Guy” features an episode in which “Stewie” resolves himself to be, essentially, the Creator of the Universe (i.e. depending on point-of-view, this particular episode is based upon the premise that “Stewie is God”), for having instantiated the Big Bang (as in the “big bang theory” explanation for Universal existence).

Again, it is not my concern that regular television programming affords popular culture with Seth MacFarlane’s animated comedies, or that writers for “The Family Guy” choose to create new content by rehashing the oldest question known to man; that American Culture revisits the veritable archetype of all arguments pitting the theoretical versus theological in answer to the question of human life. It does appeal to me, however– whether MacFarlane, as Executive Producer, is directly responsible for the specified content of this presentation, notwithstanding– that his productions tend to touch upon cerebral topics.

I am pleased to see some element of popular culture– television in this instance, it is unfortunate– rather than wager against the intelligence of the American populous as does much of the broadcast entertainment media propagated by the Networks packaged by Commercial Cable Television, MacFarlane’s productions might instead forgo the least common denominator in topical interests of the day, venturing to incite imaginative cognition to be so bold as to include vocabulary requiring viewers reference the dictionary, and situations requiring viewers engage discourse during the commercial break.

Ah, to break the surly grip of the man, to touch the face of dynamism.

television,… and likewise the popular activity of viewing alternative presentations of TV media, as available from web sites like YouTube, where patrons are led to consume unlicensed media (where applicable), a blatant infringement of copyright whereby the exhibiting party, at least, is in Violation of United States Law (and, or international laws)
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