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Time is on Your Side

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let this text be the answer you’ve awaited. Relax, for this people search begs to expedite this minutia of people processing. All that is not in momentum for the betterment of greater goals, I wish to identify, understand, assess, and execute solutions, congruent with your mission statement, the general morale, the company pride, honoring the people who make up what I presume is a hard-working, motivated, educated team.… Read more

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Easy Anonymous Transfer Huge Files

If you’re not aware of the service, I recommend the following for transfer of large digital media. It ask you no questions; It tell you no lies.

It only wants from you 2 key bits of potentially identifiable data:

  1. A legitimate e-mail address for the desired recipient(s) of the file(s)
  2. the so-called Your E-Mail Address (for purposes of recipient understanding the origin of the files)
  3. Ah-ha!
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