Easy Anonymous Transfer Huge Files

If you’re not aware of the service, I recommend the following for transfer of large digital media. It ask you no questions; It tell you no lies.

It only wants from you 2 key bits of potentially identifiable data:

  1. A legitimate e-mail address for the desired recipient(s) of the file(s)
  2. the so-called Your E-Mail Address (for purposes of recipient understanding the origin of the files)
  3. Ah-ha! Fooled you! there is no third bit!

It will transfer at least a GIGABYTE. maybe more. I forget. What am I, a ding-dong-database? Sheesh!
Hey, at least I remembered to share this with you, so be grateful for that, all ye Ladies, Gentlemen, and Low-lifes!

Now, carry on:

And transfer the hell out of that bad mutha…
Shhhhuut your mouth!
(Hey, I’m just talkin’ bout sharing!)

And be sure to share the permalink here, and click those Like, Tweet, G+ etc., buttons. Thank you, kindly. Drive that Hype-o-meter through the roof for me, wont you, yo?

Be well, and Enjoy. Oh, and I do not endorse the sharing of copyrighted or other media not meant to be shared w/out the permission of the copyright owner. (Though, it seems to be quite easy to share anything and everything via this service.)

Go forth and disseminate.
… that is all.

As always, your friend in illicit activities:

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